Preview: Free LGBTQ short film night at the GayCharlotte Film Festival

For the second year in a row, the GayCharlotte Film Festival will present our new LGBTQ Shorts Night as our free community opening night for our annual event on Thursday, June 1, 2017; doors open at 6:30 p.m. with screenings beginning at 7 p.m.

The showcase of LGBTQ-themed short films is a part of our new Best LGBTQ Short – Audience Pick contest. Last year, a moving film about a trans middle schooler took home the award. Who will win this year? You’ll have to attend to view all the films and to vote, with the winner announced on Sunday!

But the short films night — again, it’s free, so, come on now, go ahead and register — is more than just an opportunity to watch some great independent shorts. Yeah, it’s entertaining and all, but there are other awesome reasons to attend and you’ll learn some cool things along the way, too.

This year’s short films showcase nearly the full gamut of our diverse LGBTQ communities. You’ll see films about the African-American experience and what it is like to be a young transgender man accessing health care. You’ll follow along the journey of a little brother who slowly learns that the big bro he adores is gay. You’ll even get a peek into the world of BDSM and learn how important “consent” is to this often overlooked, stigmatized sexual culture.

But, through it all, you’ll walk away with glimpses of familiarity. You’ll get a sense that we’re all more alike than we are different. You’ll see in the characters on screen reflections of your own life, your own emotions and thoughts and experiences. And all of that — yes, all of that — in films that run a mere few minutes each. That’s the magic of film, an art that takes all of life’s little nuances and compiles them right before your eyes.

Here’s just a small preview of some of the short films we’ll showcase this year… and don’t forget to register for this free event!


Alex, a transgender youth, has been struggling with a secret pregnancy. However, time has run out for him and he must confess his condition to Jesse, his live-in boyfriend. Although they struggle in poverty, through their love and passion for one another, it’s clear they have forged a home together. To Alex’s surprise, Jesse offers a strikingly opposing view on how to deal with the pregnancy. Alex considers what he is willing to lose in order to live honestly and courageously.


Seven-year old Filip admires his older brother Sebastian most of all. They watch movies and play football together. One evening Filip happens to see something unexpected between Sebastian and his best friend and he doesn’t know how to handle it.


Cooper is eager to take his relationship to the next level, but when his boyfriend floats the idea of an open relationship, he has to rethink his previous expectations of what “love” really looks like.


In 1951 Violet and Milly make a love promise over a penny. In 2015, the promise comes due, and Violet must face a heartbreaking reality.


What is it like to have a secret desire or to live with a hidden erotic identity? This Portuguese film delves deep into that question, following the main protagonist, an actor who is also a BDSM master who works with clients in his studio. This short film blends reality, fiction, art and sexual taboo while also following a character who is in the process of separating with an old lover while living daily with feelings of longing. This film will include mature and sexual themes; viewer discretion is advised.

This is just a small preview of all the films we’ll showcase! Click here to register for the free opening night where you can see all the films we’ll screen and vote for the audience pick!

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